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Dreamers who Do & Advice from Pat Sajak

Everyone has a dream. And there is a time for every dreamer to make those ideas a reality. Freelance began as a dream several years in the making until one day we decided it was time to go all in and give it all we had. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it’s been one without regret. 7 Most Important Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know: Advice from Pat Sajak Here are some tips we should always be reminded of as entrepreneurs… courtesy of Pat Sajak: 1. Do what you’re afraid of Nothing paralyzes the entrepreneurial mindset like fear. Taking action is always a stronger option than inaction. Think about the task you haven’t completed out of fear and conquer it. 2. You never know when you’re going to get the best advice of your life Never stop listening and listen to everybody. You may not pay your employees to think of great ideas for the company but they probably have a few great ones. Sit down with them. Get to know them. The rewards will be great. 3. Don’t lose sight of your dreams by dwelling on everything that could go wrong Starting a business takes a huge investment […]

Supremacy 17th Annual Food Drive & Show n Shine

Happening today! Come down and support Hawaii’s lowrider community!

Outfit Grid: Glasshouse [video]

Making it easy…. check out our outifit grid below to style you out with our popular “Glasshouse” design. Even Rick Ross gets down with the Glasshouse. Check it out in his video: 1. Freelance, Glasshouse – $22.00 2. Hublot, Big Bang King – $250,000.00 3. Adidas Originals x Neighborhood Boston Super OG – Black – price varies 4. 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Convertible “El Assesino” 5. Kmart, Black Fuzzy Dice – $3.49

Be Great. Don’t Hate.

Going after your dream is hard enough without having people whispering doubts behind your back and speaking negativity towards your goals… but overcoming these voices and learning how to rely on your own inner strength and self confidence is key to paving your path to success. Keep your eyes on the prize. Here are some keys to success to motivate you this morning, from the article 20 Habits for Success I Learned Working for Two Billionaires: 1. Surround yourself with “better” people. Keep people around you who will help make you better, hold you accountable to your goals and encourage you when times get tough. “Jim Rohn had it right, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”” 2. Take responsibility for your losses. No one does everything perfectly. When things don’t go as you planned, when setbacks happen… own up to it and do better. Never give up. 3. Take enormous risks. No risk, no reward. Successful people feel that the reward is worth more than the fear of taking the risk. 4. Grow thick, armor plated skin. First Lady Michelle Obama said it best: “never let what somebody else says distract you […]

Flashback Friday

Before the world re-discovered Missy Elliott in the Superbowl halftime show, she was a refreshing and inspirational female powerhouse in the 90s hip hop scene.