Jason Tom on Beatbox Battle TV!

Check out our FAM, Hawaii Beatboxer Jason Tom, featured on the international beatbox video channel.

Freelance in Korea! The Scene.

Aloha! My name is Daseul Hwang, also known as Bboy Tol. After studying in Hawaii, I am now a Freshman at Yonsei University in Korea. At first one may see Korea as a K-Pop creating, hardworking, and conservative  society. While that may be true, in the heart of Korean culture underlies a deep, rich community that supports the Hiphop scene greatly. What I’ll be doing is sharing that hidden culture through Freelance, one event and workshop at a time!  Stay tuned!


By special request, Freelance is being featured on MissingHype, a blog which covers streetwear brands from around the globe! Check out the post here.


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Blog Feature: Sweet Lychee Productions

Check out our girl, Kristen Oshiro of Sweet Lychee Productions, who featured Freelance as the first Brand in her new series, Support Local Brands! She regularly features cool upcoming events in her blog, as well as local artists, performers and companies who are on the rise and can offer inspiration to everyone. Keep tuned in to Sweet Lychee Productions to stay up on all the latest happenings in Hawaii and its people who are making moves! Here’s the link to her blog post on Freelance: http://www.sweetlycheeproductions.com/2012/11/support-local-brands-freelance-clothing.html Thank you, Kristen!!