Behind The Brand


Freelance is a streetwear brand founded in Honolulu, Hawaii and has been steadily growing since 2009. Our identity lies in the communities of hip hop, lowriding and street culture.
[ Fresh. Fun. Authentic. Attainable. Original. ] These are the cornerstones of our core values and constantly direct our goals and vision for the Brand.

A Freelancer is a creative, intelligent individual who is not afraid to be who they are and go after what they want.

“Be You. Get Yours.” – Freelance

We strongly believe in supporting artists in their business endeavors by showcasing their work through a fashion medium. We also have provided artist workshops to allow other creative minds to connect and learn from some of the artists we have worked with.

The Freelance FAM is our team of sponsored talent in a variety of arenas including: B-Boys, MCs, MMA, Skate, and more.

Since our 1st Year Anniversary, Freelance has been hosting an annual event called APEX, which was conceived as a way to give back to the community which has supported us from day 1. APEX offers the spotlight to the dancers, bboys/bgirls, MCs, DJs, bike builders, custom car creators, performers and small businesses that support the street culture community. Starting in 2012, APEX collaborated with LOFT IN SPACE to host an even bigger event now known as TRILOGY, which still aims to support and grow our community.