Freelance X Flooristas X HellaSteez


Freelance X Flooristas X HellaSteez
Dropping Monday August 15th

Since the start of Freelance in 2009, we have always strongly supported the hip hop scene and our Brand found a home with the B-Boys and B-Girls of our local community, especially in the early days. The breaking community quickly became our family and their support and love helped us to solidify our foundation and keep us going. To do a collaboration with one of the dopest B-Girl crews repping the US is a natural project for us and one that keeps us in step with the core history of our Brand.

This dope collab capsule is a limited edition run (only 50 pieces of each!!) and will consist of a long sleeve shirt ($35), coach jacket ($45) and custom socks ($15). Scroll thru for some visuals and a sneak peek at the designs that will be available soon!

Flooristas is an all Bgirl crew repping Florida and California. Members are Naty Lite, MyLinh, Anna Steezeya, Sandy, Enni, Genesis, Miss Steezy One and Alba. Flooristas was created in Florida and established in 2015 based on the idea of representing for the Bgirls in unity, consistency and passion. They hope to aspire and inspire, using their motto “Culture, Community, Sisterhood” to continue to preserve and make a positive impact in the Hip hop scene.

CultureONLY is a lifestyle represented in all aspects of every community. Symbolizing the values of our belief’s and empowerment amongst one another as a community, as a tribe and as people. Standing for what we believe is true for our Culture and for our CultureONLY.” -Miss Steezy One
#misssteezyone #hella_steez #culture_only

San Francisco Photoshoot 1 (Miss Steezy One, Naty Lite, Genesis, MyLinh and Anna Steezeya)
Orlando Photoshoot 5 (Alba, Genesis, Sandy and Naty Lite)
Orlando Photoshoot 6 (Alba, Genesis, Sandy and Naty Lite)
Orlando Photoshoot 4 (Alba, Genesis,Naty Lite and Sandy)
Style Elements 1 (Anna Steezeya, MyLinh, Miss Steezy One, Naty Lite and Genesis)
Orlando Photoshoot 1 (Alba, Genesis, Sandy and Naty Lite)
Orlando Photoshoot 2 (Alba, Genesis, Sandy and Naty Lite)
West Palm Beach Solo Photoshoot 3 (Enni)

Naty Lite
Underground Flow 2 (Naty Lite)

Miss Steezy One
Underground Flow 4 (Miss Steezy One)

Underground Flow 6 (MyLinh)

Anna Steezeya

FSS Florida 2 (Sandy)


Style Elements 4 (Genesis)

FSS Florida 1 (Alba)

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